молодые инженеры сегодня - основа промышленности завтра
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На торжественной церемонии открытия форума «Инженеры будущего 2014» впервые прозвучал гимн молодых инженеров.
Интерактивная карта России
"Engineers of future 2012": "Школа активного гражданина"
12 сентября 2014 года
Союз машиностроителей России

For international participants - F.A.Q.

1.    What clothes should I bring?

As a rule in Ural region average day temperature in July is +23C, at night it goes low to +15С.  We suggest packing for living in a tent, so you should take comfortable clothes suitable for forest, sport shoes to participate in competitions and a swimming suit. It is also advised to take warm clothes and raincoats in case of a cold snap and rain.

2.    Is it possible to swim in Pavlovskoe Reservoir?

 Swimming in Pavlovskoe Reservoir will be organized under beach-rescue team supervision at averted time.

3.    What documents are required to participate in Forum?

To participate in Forum you should have a valid international passport and medical expense insurance. Forum organizes will provide the participants visa support.

4.    How will the participants’ transportation be organized?

The transportation from the bus station/airport/railway station of Irkutsk to the venue of the Forum and back is organized free for the participants and guests of honor according to the time of the participants’ arrival and departure.

5.    Is there any organizational or insurance fee for the participants?

There is no organizational fee for the participants. But it is required to get a medical insurance before going to Russia.

6.    How many people will be accommodated in one tent?

There will be 2 - 3 people in one tent depending on its type.

7.    How will the participants be fed? Will the vegetarian meals be served?

Participants are provided with 4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. For vegetarians, who have informed about their eating preferences, an additional menu will be served.

8.      Will food sales points be placed on the territory of the Forum?

There will be selling spots functioning on the territory of the Forum. In the nearby village there are shops where you can find basic consumer goods.

9.    How will the participants take part in the business program?

Lectures, trainings and workshops will be held in English and in Russian with a translation to English available. In case the lecturer is English-speaking, there will be a translation to Russian available.

10.  What documents (diplomas, certificates) will the participants get at the end of the Forum?

There will be a certificate on Forum participation and diplomas on the results of participation in contests and sport competitions.

11.   Can we bring attributes / art objects symbolizing our company to the Forum?

The branding of the accommodated territory with the attributes (banners, flags, etc.) of your company, organization or country is encouraged. The most creative branding will be granted special prizes.

12.   Will the participants be able to leave the territory of the Forum?

Participants can leave the Forum territory, but according to security measures they should do it through a checkpoint.

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